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30 June 2022
How about the size and collection resources of the Library of Xuzhou Medical University?

  The library of Xuzhou Medical University is located in Xuzhou Medical University, and it is very convenient for students to use it. The size of the library is also very large. Next, we will come to see the following introduction to the library of Xuzhou Medical University with Eskeblue.

  The Library of Xuzhou Medical University was founded in 1958 when xuzhou Medical College was established. It has a history of nearly 50 years. In 2001, the Library of Xuzhou Health School was merged into the Library of Xuzhou Medical College. In 2005, Xuzhou Medical College built the main campus in the eastern suburbs of Xuzhou city.

  The main services provided by the library include: reading in the library, lending books, information consulting, scientific research projects and achievements appraisal and update, title determination services, computer CD and network database retrieval, computer operation and Internet browsing, multimedia CD reading, interlibrary loan, document delivery, document copying and so on. The library also undertakes the teaching of medical literature retrieval and utilization for undergraduates, postgraduates and some advanced students, and holds various computer retrieval training courses from time to time. The library will also continue to expand its business scope, improve the means of service and improve the quality of service according to the requirements of readers.

  The museum has 38 staff members, including 4 senior titles and 16 intermediate titles. Library with a total area of 10797 square meters, equipped with comprehensive newspaper room, chinese-foreign medical periodical reading room, Chinese medical periodical reading room, foreign medical periodical reading room, social science books reading room, reading room, natural science books collection books and reference books reading room, the electronic reading room and image reading room, a total of 1250 reading. The collection focuses on basic medicine, clinical medicine and preventive medicine, as well as books and periodicals related to medicine and health as well as some books and periodicals of social sciences. It has a collection of 355,000 paper books, more than 1400 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals, including 770 kinds of medical periodicals, and 6 kinds of continuous publications with secondary retrieval tools. Books and periodicals adopt the way of full open-shelf circulation, the implementation of Open Day without rest system.

  The library has about 456,000 electronic books. 2 Full-text Databases of Chinese journals, including more than 9000 Chinese journals; 1 excellent doctoral and master thesis database; There are 3 full-text journals databases in foreign languages, including 8201 journals in total, of which 50% are natural science journals and 1774 are medical journals. There are 3 secondary literature databases, such as full-text database of foreign periodicals, master thesis database and cd-rom database. It has built its own audio-visual website, collecting more than 1200 kinds of medical audio-visual textbooks and nearly 10,000 teaching units of foreign audio-visual textbooks. The online resources are open 24 hours a day.

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