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30 June 2022
How many colleges does Zhejiang Shuren University belong to?

  Zhejiang Shuren University is a full-time university with two campuses in Hangzhou and Shaoxing of Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang Shuren University is a private school with 13 secondary colleges offering 47 undergraduate majors and 8 junior college majors. Next, please check it out with Esq Blue.

  Zhejiang Shuren College is a batch of undergraduate students in Zhejiang, so we usually consider Zhejiang Shuren College is an undergraduate university. If you are not an examinee in Zhejiang and zhejiang Shuren College is the second batch of undergraduate students in your province, you can also consider zhejiang Shuren College as the second university.

  Zhejiang Shuren University (name: Zhejiang Shuren University) was founded in 1984. It is a full-time private undergraduate university under the leadership of the board of directors and supervised by the Provincial CPPCC and the Provincial Department of Education. It has been selected as a national new engineering research and practice project, zhejiang Province applied pilot Demonstration School, and a member of CDIO Engineering Education Alliance. The school was founded in 1984; In 2000, Zhejiang Electronics Industry School, Zhejiang Light Industry School (Zhoushan East Road Campus), Zhejiang Foreign Economic and Trade School merged into; In June 2001, Zhejiang Survey Engineering School was merged. In 2003, it was upgraded to an undergraduate university.

  Provincial level undergraduate programs of Shuren University: International Economics and Trade, Social Work, Chinese Language and Literature, Computer Science and Technology, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Marketing; State-level specialty: International Economics and Trade; Provincial key majors: Business Administration, International Economics and Trade, Environmental Engineering, Computer Science and Technology; The newly featured majors: Social work, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, environmental Engineering; Provincial advantage major: International Economy and Trade.

  Accommodation: Each bed is well set up and has a large personal area. Different buildings have a separate aunt management, aunt enthusiasm, the floor of the disinfection work is also done very perfect. In and out of the qing Le dormitory, everyone will consciously queue up, it is very beautiful. Qing Le canteen is also cheap, popular with students, and close to the dormitory, very convenient.

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