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31 May 2022
What are the basic requirements for the format of abstract?

  As an important part of the thesis, the abstract includes both Chinese and English abstracts. Abstract is a brief introduction of the author's thesis, so that readers can quickly obtain the information required by the full text. Now, let's share with you the format requirements of the abstract of the paper.

  The abstract should not exceed the length of the journal to be submitted (usually 250 WORDS), but also clearly explain the main information in the paper. Abstract is generally one paragraph (some medical journals require structured abstract, which consists of several paragraphs, each with a standardized subtitle). Whether reading journals directly or through computer retrieval, many readers will read the abstract of the paper before reading the full text of the paper.

  The abstract must: (1) state the main purpose and scope of the research work done in the paper. (2) Describe the methodology used in the study. (3) Summarize the research results. (4) The main conclusions of the research work are given.

  The conclusion derived from the research work done in this paper is very important, so the author usually gives the conclusion in three places: the first time in the abstract, the second time in the introduction, and the third time, which is also the most comprehensive one, is in the discussion. Most or all of the content in the abstract is written in the past tense because all the scientific research work has been done.

  The abstract should never contain information or conclusions that are not in the body of the paper. References should not be cited in Abstracts (except for special cases, such as the improvement of scientific research methods in published papers by current papers). Similarly, tables and pictures should not appear in the summary. The abstract should be independent and self-evident, and have the same amount of main information as the literature, that is, the necessary information can be obtained without reading the full text. It is required to write an accompanying abstract for a complete paper. The main functions of the abstract are:

  Let readers know the main content of the paper as soon as possible to supplement the title. Modern scientific and technological literature information is vast. Whether readers will read the full text after retrieving the title of the paper is mainly judged by reading the abstract; Therefore, the abstract bears the task of attracting readers and introducing the main content of the article to readers.

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