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13 June 2022
What are the writing skills and key points of undergraduate pedagogy papers?

  Educational and teaching papers mainly refer to a certain educational phenomenon, problems or teaching principles, methods, etc. For hard work in the education and teaching of the first line of teachers, writing a paper, is not a deep, unattainable thing, but a self-improvement, self-development must do. Next xiaobian to share.

  First, analysis of the main points of pedagogy thesis writing

  1. "truth" : seeking truth from facts and not resorting to deception; Down to earth, scientific value.

  2. "new" : the viewpoints, ideas, themes and contents are novel and unique, which can attract people.

  3. "fine" : the article is refined, able to dedicate the essence of educational practice, scientific experimental achievements and achievements to readers.

  4. "accurate" : the argument, argument and conclusion are scientific, thoughtful and accurate. An excellent educational paper should be full of content, original and persuasive, with practical and theoretical innovation and improvement.

  Two, pedagogy undergraduate thesis how to write - writing skills

  1, title Pedagogy paper title the most basic requirements are eye-catching, can clearly summarize the central topic of the article, in order to attract readers' attention. The titles of scientific and technological papers should also avoid the use of symbols and special terms, and should use commonly used popular words, so that experts in the discipline or peers can know, and personnel outside the discipline and the masses with a certain degree of education can also understand, which is conducive to communication and dissemination.

  2, abstract Abstract is also known as the abstract, general papers are in front of the abstract. The purpose of this project is to make it easier for readers to have an overview of the content of a paper, so that they can decide whether to read the whole paper or part of it, and also to make it easier for sci-tech information personnel to compile abstracts and indexing tools. Abstract is a miniature of the basic idea of the paper, although in the front, but it is written after the completion of the full text.

  The introduction is the introduction to an undergraduate thesis in education, written before the main body. Each paper introduction, mainly used to explain the thesis theme, general outline. Introduction is generally not divided into paragraphs, if the content of the paper is longer, more extensive, can be divided into three paragraphs according to the three content. In the introduction, the author should not be modest, nor should he promote himself or others.

  4, the body of the text is the main body of the undergraduate thesis, accounting for the vast majority of the length. The creativity of the paper is mainly expressed through this part, and also reflects the academic level of the paper. Writing a good body to have material, content, and then concept, judgment, reasoning, and finally form a point of view, that is to say, should be in accordance with the law of logical thinking to arrange the organizational structure.

  To successfully publish a paper is not a very simple matter, writing a paper also needs to know the corresponding format and some tips. Esq Blue will continue to share more academic dry goods with you, please check out our daily updates, which may have what you want to know.