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16 June 2022
What are the basic requirements and format of paper citation?

Many friends in writing papers, some of the different parts of the paper, or will not understand the details of the part. And different papers on the format and not quite the same requirements, but the basic are subtle differences, the overall basic are similar. The following small series with you to learn about the basic format of paper citation.

Reference is not equal to copy, in addition to the quote references we can't be change, for some journals published on the premise of not deviate from the original meaning we can still make a little change, a perfect paper without a reference word paragraph will be incomplete, perfect reference not only for our thesis writing is the best line, And it is also a qualitative change to the overall fluency of our paper.

First, the format requirements of paper citation

1. The cited literature, the page number or page number range of each place (some journals also regard the information indicating the location of the cited literature as page number) in the serial number of each reference, placed behind square brackets;

2. If a page number or page range is required after the reference number of the text, the page number or page range should also be supermarked.

3. Authors and editors should carefully check the serial number of references in the sequential coding system to ensure that the serial number is consistent with the reference list indicated by the reference. In addition, the reference page number or page number range should be accurate.

4. Papers can promote the continuous improvement of educational and scientific research activities. Educational and scientific research activities are activities to explore unknown areas, and there is no established.

5. The reference format of the literature should not be randomly quoted, but quoted on the premise of ensuring the completeness of the format.

6. The application of abstract should have suffixes, such as:

Journal author. Title [J]. Title, year of publication, Volume (Issue) : starting and ending page number; Author. Title [M]. Edition (first edition not included). Place of Publication: Publisher, year: page number; Author of proceedings. Title [C]. Editor. Title, Place of publication: Publisher, Year: page number.

2. Be careful when quoting

1.. Remember to copy in the summary section when quoting

2. The references used in the paper must be authentic in order to be convincing.

Organize your material so that it provides the largest amount of information in the smallest amount of space.

4. Use simple, clear sentences. Try to avoid idioms

After the paper quoted format understand, we will also have a detailed understanding of the writing of the paper, quoting the perfect we will feel the perfect paper in the process of watching and reading appreciation, not only can be a plus, but also improve your in-depth exploration of the topic in the process of quoting.