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18 August 2023
Journal Recommendation | Get reviewed and published up to within 1 month! New journal in JCRQ1, Expanding!

Journal Description:

Gels is an international peer-reviewed, open-access journal devoted to physical and chemical gels. 

The journal's ISSN: 2310-2861

Database Included: SCIE

Journal Quartile:

CAS Quartile: Q3

Category: Chemistry

Subcategory: Polymer Science

JCR Quartile: Q1

Polymer Science (18/86)

Impact factor:

Gels, founded in 2015, achieved its first Impact Factor of 4.7+ in 2020, with a relatively short development cycle. Its impact factor has just been recorded in recent years, but it has been steadily in Quartile 4, with the latest Impact Factor of 4.6 and ranking 18th among 86 journals of the same type. 

Publication Volume:

Gels has a publication cycle of 12 issues/year with a large increase in article volume and is in an expansion state. Its latest number of articles published

is 826 (self-citation rate 19.6%), close to the warning line but not on the Chinese Academy of Sciences warning list. 

Recent Acceptance

Gels has an average review time of about one month, and acceptance period of only 2.9 days, earning it a reputation for its short review period and fast acceptance! Students who have strict time requirements can try submitting!