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24 May 2023
Journal Recommendation | CAS Q2 & JCR Q2 OA Journal, Fast Review and Publication! The IF4.5+ is maintained and is expected to increase, supplements to be published ......

Journal Description:

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution is a strictly peer-reviewed open access journal that covers basic sciences, ecology, applied sciences and evolutionary research, providing ecological and evolutionary insights into the natural and human worlds. 

The journal's ISSN: 2296-701X

Database Included: SCIE

Journal Quartile:

CAS Quartile: Q2

Category: Environmental Science and Ecology

Subcategory: Ecology

JCR Quartile: Q2 Ecology (45/173)Cite Score:4.2 JCI:0.81

Impact Factor:

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution was founded in 2013 and achieved its first Impact Factor of 2.7+ in 2018, with an overall upward trend, and an IF value of 4.5+ in 2021-2022. 

Annual publication volume:

The publication volume of Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution has been increasing rapidly in recent years, with 920 articles accepted in 2021-2022 (self-citation rate 4%) and reviews accounting for an average of about 20%. 

Publication ranking by countries:

The top three countries in terms of papers published on Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution in a year are the United States (763), Germany (232), and the United Kingdom (215) . China ranks fourth with 185 articles. 

Recent acceptance:

The average review time for Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution is 1-4 months, and the average acceptance to publication time is 1-2 months. According to the recently accepted and published articles of various types, the time is relatively fast.