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25 August 2023
Journal Recommendation | SSCI&SCIE OA JournalIF3.7, CAS Q2 !

Journal Description: Tobacco Induced Diseases is published globally and focuses on researches related to the prevention and control of tobacco use. Prevention of diseases caused by tobacco is just one of the thematic directions, and the overall purpose of the journal is to provide a forum for research articles that may help reduce the global burden of diseases caused by tobacco. 

The journal's ISSN: 1617-9625

Database Included: SCIE

Journal Quartile: CAS QuartileCategory: Medicine Q2Subcategory: Public, Environmental and Occupational Health Q3 Drug Abuse Q4

JCR Quartile: Q2

Drug Abuse(9/21) SCIE Drug Abuse(14/38) SSCI Public, Environmental and Occupational Health (85/207) SCIE Public, Environmental and Occupational Health (62/180) SSCI

Impact Factor: The impact factor of Tobacco Induced Diseases, founded in 2002, has been fluctuating between 1-2 since the journal achieved its first Impact Factor of 1.5 in 2013, until it broke through 5 in 2021! The latest impact factor is 3.7, with a slight decline. 

Annual publication volume: Tobacco Induced Diseases, a monthly publication, has seen an increasing number of articles in recent years, but with a low acceptance rate of less than a hundred articles. The latest publication volume is 97, with a self-citation rate of 5.4%. 

Publication ranking by countries: The top three countries in terms of the number of articles published in Tobacco Induced Diseases in the past three years: USA (103), China (97), India (81); Papers by Chinese scholars accounted for 12.1%. 

Recent Acceptance: The average review time for Tobacco Induced Diseases is 2-3 months, and the average acceptance to publication time is 1-2 months. As an OA journal, the overall speed is relatively fast!