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11 August 2023
Journal Recommendation | Impact Factor of up to 7.1! CAS Q2, review period: 1-2 months.

Journal Description:

Environmental Technology & Innovation is an open-access journal that focuses on disseminating the basic sciences, methods, tools, and technologies, as well as the policy and governance frameworks around the themes of sustainable futures, combining excellent natural sciences that support the development and application of technologies to achieve a sustainable future; encouraging and disseminating the creation and development of new innovative products, technologies, and ideas to improve our environment. 

The journal's ISSN: 2352-1864

Database Included: SCIE

Journal Quartile

According to its latest quartile performance, the journal has stepped into Environmental Science and Ecology Q2 this year! Among them, with Cite Score 9.80 and JCI 1.15, its performance is very impressive. 

Impact Factor: Environmental Technology & Innovation, launched in 2014, achieved its first Impact Factor of 2.8 in 2018 and has since maintained a steady upward trend, with the Impact Factor soaring to 7.8+ in 2021! The latest impact factor is 7.1, slightly down, but still firmly at 7 points. 

Publication Volume: 

Environmental Technology & Innovation is published four times a year, with articles in sync with the factor rising. In 2021-2022, the number of articles received reached a small peak of 924, and the latest publication was 456 articles (self-citation rate 4.2%). 

Recent acceptance

The review time for Environmental Technology & Innovation is generally around 1-2 months, and the publication time is within one month, which is relatively fast overall!