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06 June 2022
How to revise nursing papers?

Has any classmate ever encountered such a problem: when revising the paper, the sentence that was repeated in red has been fixed, but when re-examined, it was found that it was still red. In this issue, the editor will share with you the knowledge related to the skills and methods of revising nursing papers.


Convert Image Method

Cut the text in the paper into pictures and put them in your paper. Because CNKI’s duplicate checking system can currently only check text, not pictures and tables, it can avoid duplicate checking.



The so-called reconstruction method still introduces the concept of core word blocks. The specific operation is divided into three steps. The first step is to read the meaning of the original text. The second part, dismantling, retains the core word chunks of the original text; the third step, combined with the meaning of the original text, looks at the remaining word chunks, and re-forms them into sentences.


space breaking method

Insert spaces between all words in the article, then minimize the space between words. Because the duplicate checking is based on words, the spaces cut off the words, and the duplicate checking system is naturally skipped.


Revise Nursing Essayism Matters

1. According to the writing and publishing requirements of nursing papers, write high-quality nursing papers

2. According to the specific research direction of your nursing paper, determine the journal to submit the manuscript to. Before making a decision, be sure to confirm the legality of its specification and understand it from many aspects. You can search the magazine home website through Baidu or 360 search to inquire about the basic information of the magazine (supervisor, issue number, issue impact, etc.), understand the published issues and refer to the experience of colleagues who have already contributed.

3. After completing the above step, you can select the relevant publishing institution. Here, it must be evaluated in many aspects, including its reputation, scale and related industrial and commercial registration information, and finally determine its qualification.

4. Reach a publication agreement. According to the opinions of editors or relevant review experts, revise nursing papers to meet publication standards and requirements

5. Complete the publication, receive the sample journal, and confirm that your nursing paper has been published.


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