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27 June 2022
Are ei journal papers easy to write?

The writing of ei journal papers has attracted the attention of many authors. For novice authors, ei journal papers are more difficult to write, because they do not know how to start writing. Journal papers require original and innovative text, standard content, but ei journal papers are good. How about writing? Let's take a look at my sharing.

The difficulty and cycle of publication in EI journals are usually higher than those published in EI conferences. EI papers need to be written in English. Therefore, from the perspective of writing, it is very important to grasp the general requirements of English writing. Authors can refer to some general templates for papers in the same major. It is very necessary for authors who have no experience in writing papers in English. What authors need to grasp is the use of grammar and the way of expression in English, which is very different from Chinese writing.

EI Journal: It is a comprehensive information retrieval journal for consulting the literature in the field of engineering technology. Every year, it extracts about 3,000 world engineering technology journals, as well as conference documents, books, technical reports and dissertations, etc., with about 150,000 report abstracts, including research results in all engineering disciplines and engineering activities.

The selection of journals is very important for the publication of papers. Papers are only effective if they are submitted in regular and legal journals. Generally, senior professional titles or scientific researchers need to publish core papers. The specific publications should be based on actual requirements.

The disciplines covered by EI papers are: mechanical engineering, electromechanical engineering, ship engineering, manufacturing technology; mining, metallurgy, materials engineering, metal materials, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, plastics and polymer engineering; civil engineering, architectural engineering, structural engineering, Marine engineering, hydraulic engineering, etc.

Language of EI conference papers: Usually, the written language of EI conference papers needs to be in English. If there is not enough time, you can choose to let the EI Conference Organizing Committee do the translation. Reliable, large-scale academic conference platforms have their own translation departments.

The word count of the EI conference paper: Generally speaking, it should not be less than 3,000 words and not less than 6 pages. Note: Different academic conferences have different word count requirements. Word count and layout are among the more important requirements.

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