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29 July 2022
What to choose for a college Chinese dissertation topic?

College Chinese generally needs to study modern Chinese, contemporary literature, ancient literature, introduction to literature, etc. Usually, students need to write papers, which can be studied from the above directions. After determining the research direction, the students can decide the topic of the college Chinese dissertation. The following editor will talk to you about it in detail.

1. Discussion on the Realistic Function of College Chinese Teaching

2. The construction of a new teaching mode of college Chinese under the multimedia network environment

3. Research on the construction of the practical "College Chinese" curriculum system in higher vocational colleges

4. On the Causes and Countermeasures of the Embarrassment of College Chinese

5. Analysis of its curriculum reform from the perspective of university Chinese development

6. Raise the thematic teaching of college Chinese to the height of curriculum construction

7. On the university language and the cultural expectations it bears in the context of the mother tongue crisis

8. Innovating the concept of teaching reform and innovating the method of teaching reform——Thinking about the reform of college Chinese teaching

9. College Chinese teaching and humanistic quality education

10. Review and Reflection on the Reform of College Chinese Teaching

11. Division and selection: breaking through the bottleneck of college Chinese curriculum reform

12. Research on the Learning Expectation and Teaching Strategies of College Students after the 1990s

13. Integrate instrumentality, humanity and aesthetics into university Chinese teaching

14. Talking about Chinese and Humanistic Education in Higher Vocational Colleges

15. A Comprehensive Review of the Teaching Materials of "College Chinese"

16. Unbearable lightness and unbearable weight——On the subject orientation of college Chinese

17. Talking about the method of Chinese teaching reform in higher vocational colleges

18. "College Chinese" teaching must comprehensively reflect

19. On College Chinese and Humanistic Quality Education

20. Carry forward the humanistic spirit and improve the humanistic quality-the misunderstanding and improvement of the teaching of "College Chinese" in colleges and universities

21. The content expansion model of "language-humanities-culture" in college Chinese education

22. Some thoughts on the practice of college Chinese teaching

23. Practice and discussion of college Chinese teaching reform

24. A Brief Exploration of College Chinese Education from the Perspective of Cohesion

25. Pay attention to the ideological and political education function of "college Chinese"

26. How to combine college Chinese teaching with the cultivation of humanistic quality

27. Review on the Reform of College Chinese Teaching Mode

28. Humanistic Quality Education in Higher Vocational Colleges and the Reform of "College Chinese" Curriculum

29. Reflections on the online teaching of humanistic quality education in colleges and universities——Also on the construction of online courses of "college Chinese" in Nankai University

30. On the Important Links of Strengthening the Construction of College Chinese Curriculum

31. Reflections on the orientation and teaching status of college Chinese

32. Understanding and thinking about the textbook "College Chinese"

33. On the Important Links of Strengthening the Construction of College Chinese Curriculum

34. Construction of the teaching content system of college Chinese courses

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