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23 June 2022
What are the difficulties in publishing EI journal papers?

Publishing papers in ei journals is the wish of many authors. The requirements of ei journals are very high, and it is not easy to publish successfully. Language is one of the difficulties, which is also one of the reasons why papers have been rejected many times. . What are the difficulties in publishing an EI journal paper now? In this issue, I will share relevant knowledge with you.

Many papers are rejected every year, and the quality of papers declines every year. In my impression, except for some high-quality articles, most of the articles have big and small problems, and the writing problem of English papers is a big problem.

Because our English is not our native language, our articles often have some language problems, and even several top international journals have reported them. A study that took months or even years to complete is not worth it if it cannot be published because of language issues.

Although it is not possible to make every paper seamless, in many cases, creators will be preconceived when reviewing and reviewing papers, and it is difficult to find any problems in their papers.

It is necessary to revise various SCI academic papers. The translation requirements of SCI papers are very high. Whether it is written translation or interpretation, it is necessary to have a solid foundation, extensive knowledge, and high professional comprehensive quality, which requires professional polishing of SCI papers.

Authors can ask English majors to help reduce the use of Chinese-style English as much as possible. After EI is included in the international conference, there will be a corresponding EI inclusion certificate.

If you choose a highly academic and authoritative conference within the major, it will still be difficult to publish. If the selected conference has a general influence, it is relatively easy to submit a manuscript. However, publishing low-impact conference papers has little academic value and is of little use. If the publication of the ei conference paper is a professional title, it depends on whether the unit can recognize it. If it is recognized, it will be published. Otherwise, no extra points will be awarded in the professional title evaluation.

To publish ei conference papers, you need to find the official website of the conference, and see if you are submitting papers by email or in the submission system. If you submit papers in the submission system, you should complete them step by step according to the prompts. After submitting the paper, you should always keep abreast of the dynamics of the mailbox. When the paper needs to be revised or accepted, it will be notified through the mailbox. The publication speed of conference papers is relatively fast, usually about 3-5 months after the conference, and the fastest ones can be retrieved in 1 month, depending on the specific situation.

Today, the relevant knowledge sharing of Xiaobian is here. If you have any doubts or want to know more relevant content, you can pay more attention to the updated content of our website.