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27 June 2022
How to publish structural mechanics ei papers?

It is really not easy to complete the ei paper on structural mechanics. After the writing is completed and the polishing is done, the paper is usually published. For experienced authors, this step is already perfect, but for novice authors, the ei paper's The publishing process is still relatively unfamiliar. Next, the editor will take you to understand the publishing process of ei papers.

According to different publication requirements, different EI papers can be selected. EI papers are divided into: EI journal papers, and EI conference papers. For most graduating master students, EI conference papers are the best option.

The publication process of EI papers is as follows:

The EI journal article (JA retrieval) process is:

Completion of the paper - submission to EI journal - journal acceptance - payment of page fee - journal publication - the paper is indexed by EI database.

The EI conference paper (CA retrieval) process is:

Completion of papers - submission to academic conferences - conference acceptance - registration and payment - conferences - conference submission of papers to publishers - papers published - papers retrieved by EI database.

Basic requirements for manuscripts in EI journals

1. The EI manuscript should be controlled with more than 7 pages and more than 3,000 words (more than 6,500 words in Chinese); the language of the article is English;

2. (Single-column format, single-spaced, content in 10-point font, the content of the article includes: title, all author names, author units, corresponding author emails, abstract, keywords, content, summary, project funds, references, all authors photo + profile)

3. Not submitting more than one manuscript, not publishing it in other journals; rejecting plagiarized and mechanical manuscripts;

4. The repetition rate of manuscripts should be controlled within 10%. The paper must ensure that the originality, icons, formulas, citations and other elements are complete. Published or over-cited articles will not be published and retrieved;

5. The manuscript must have a good level of English expression, with diagrams, tables, formulas, data or designs, algorithms (schemes, models), experiments, simulations, etc.

6. More than 12 references should be controlled, and more than half of the references should be cited within the past 5 years; the resolution of the graphs must reach 300 dpi; the references and literature reviews can reflect the international research frontier;

7. Papers funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology or the Ministry of Education are preferred;

8. The language of the thesis needs to be translated and polished by foreign experts;

9. The first draft of the submission does not need typesetting. After the acceptance, the template typesetting and writing requirements are provided.

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