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14 July 2022
Which system of VIP and HowNet is more accurate?

  Weipu and HowNet are well-known duplicate checking websites for papers. Some students may have made difficulties facing the two websites. Which duplicate checking website is better? In this issue, I will take you to analyze.

  Weipu is the largest comprehensive literature service network in China, and has become a heavyweight partner of Google search. It is the largest Chinese content cooperation website of Google Scholar. The database of Chinese sci-tech periodicals it relies on is the largest digital periodical database in China.

  HowNet is the concept of national knowledge infrastructure, which was proposed by the world bank in 1998. CNKI project is an information construction project aimed at realizing the dissemination, sharing and Value-added Utilization of knowledge resources in the whole society. CNKI adopts the independently developed and internationally advanced digital library technology to build the "CNKI digital library" with the largest amount of full-text information in the world, and officially starts the construction of the "China knowledge resources repository" and the CNKI grid resource sharing platform. Through industrial operation, it provides the richest knowledge and information resources and the most effective knowledge dissemination and digital learning platform for the efficient sharing of knowledge resources in the whole society.

  Weipu and HowNet duplicate check rates cannot be compared, because VIP and HowNet duplicate check are two completely different detection systems. VIP paper detection system adopts semantic fingerprint recognition technology, while HowNet adopts the method of character number segmentation for inspection. The calculation rules of the two are different, so the duplicate check results will also be different.