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12 July 2022
How to choose the topic of SCI thesis for French students?

  How should French students choose the topic of their SCI papers? How to choose the topic selection direction of law major? Here are some ways to share with you.

  For SCI papers of law majors, civil law is a good topic selection direction. The civil code, which was issued on May 28, 2020, has updated many civil law provisions, and the research is relatively innovative. It is suggested to choose the direction of topic selection that is closely related to people's lives and the recent changes in legal provisions.

  The first is the direction of the cooling off period of divorce. In terms of time, the regulation was implemented on January 1st, 2021, and the update of the law is relatively recent, so it is not easy to crash; From the hot point of view, the introduction of the cooling off period of divorce can be said to have caused extensive discussion in China. The law itself has the practical basis of legislation, that is, to cope with the aging population and high divorce rate. However, many netizens believe that the law violates human rights and may help domestic violence. So far, the discussion on this provision still exists; Finally, from the perspective of data collection, although the law has been implemented recently, there are precedents of relevant regulations in other countries and many scholars have studied it. So in general, the research in this direction is relatively simple and has full connotation. The topic owner can deeply discuss whether the law violates the right of freedom of marriage, and can also analyze and improve measures. These are good topics.

  Secondly, self-help behavior and righteous courage are related directions. The Civil Code stipulates the exemption regulations for acts of righteous courage, as well as the exemption regulations for acts of self-help. These two issues are legal issues that have long been criticized by Chinese people. In the past, people couldn't help feeling sorry every time citizens who acted bravely for righteousness were sentenced. Now this problem is finally solved in the civil code. But after all, it is the first time to enter the law. There are still many deficiencies in the academic discussion of this method, such as the scope is not wide enough, and the detailed rules are not detailed enough, which is also a good research direction.

  Finally, I think one of the interesting directions is the entry into law of throwing objects from high altitude. The Civil Code stipulates the crime of throwing objects from high altitude. The conviction of high-altitude throwing seems simple, but it is actually very complex, and there are many points that can be studied in depth. For example, in the judgment of civil compensation for high-altitude throwing, most people will simply think that the owner is full, but the owner will also say that it is a problem of the building. Things can only be hung there, so that the property and the construction party have certain responsibilities. Some people will think that it should be an accident, that is, insurance compensation. In addition, high-altitude throwing has a hidden feature. When an egg falls from the upstairs, causing passers-by injury, passers-by is difficult to find whose egg it is, so who should compensate, or passers-by should pay their own expenses? There is room for discussion on these issues. In addition, high-altitude objects have been jointly managed by civil law and criminal law, but whether the delimitation of the boundary is reasonable is also questionable.

  In a word, there are still many changes in China's civil law in recent years. It is suggested that the subject should choose those legal directions that have changed and have a certain degree of popularity. If my answer is helpful to you, please click to pay attention, and I will sort out and share various types of paper models from time to time!