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08 July 2022
What is a national core journal?

  The author who often publishes papers may not be unfamiliar with this concept, and the partners who usually don't know much about journals may be a little confused about the types of journals. So what is the national core journal? This edition will introduce you to the concept of national journals.

  Generally speaking, national journals are those sponsored by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and its subordinate departments, or the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, democratic parties and National People's organizations, as well as the conference journals sponsored by national first-class professional societies. In addition, publications clearly marked with "national journals" and "core journals" can also be regarded as national journals. However, the above is just a general situation. There are many local journals with high academic value and great influence that are also national journals, such as Yunnan plant research, central China architecture, Journal of Harbin Institute of technology, etc. Please refer to the documents published by relevant government authorities. In addition, there are national key journals, SCI and other journals with higher levels, which should not be confused with national journals.

  The ranking list and various periodical tables or awards obtained from the above-mentioned grading evaluation of periodicals are also essentially grading periodicals. It can be seen that the concept of journal classification has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people (for example, nature in the UK and Science in the United States are recognized as first-class academic journals all over the world. The scientific research award of the Medical College of Zhejiang University stipulates that academic papers published in Science and nature will be rewarded 100000 yuan per article), and the research and practice of journal classification are becoming richer and more diverse.