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21 July 2022
Evaluation title paper retrieval information how to fill

  Promotion title paper is one of the additional points, in the submission of materials, not only need the paper published in the journal, but also need to be able to retrieve the paper, fill in the corresponding retrieval information. So, how to fill in the evaluation title paper retrieval information? This depends on the requirements of the organization, usually the title of the paper, the name of the author and the name of the journal, the date of publication and the number of the issue. Esko blue Xiaobian to explain the following specific to you.

  First, the domestic papers published by the authors are required to query in the network

  Papers in the net retrieval, can prove its authority, need the author to provide a search page, that is, the net can be retrieved to the paper's website, the abstract of the page, which contains the name, article title, abstract, references, etc., can also print out this page. When filling in the paper retrieval information, it is often necessary to fill in the retrieved content. The author can also search for the relevant information of the paper in GAPP, and enter the name of the journal in the search bar to retrieve the relevant information of the journal, which also includes the CN number.

  Two, publication retrieval information

  The publication must be checked on the website of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT), provide the query screenshots of the publication, and scan the cover page, catalog page, body page, paper search screenshots, and journal legitimacy query screenshots of the publication. The published paper must upload and submit the original certificate of publication.

  3. The retrieval information required by the professional title assessment unit

  1) Print page of query results of regular journals. The applicant shall log on the website of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television for inquiry and printing.

  2) To submit the retrieval certificate of science and technology information institute at or above the municipal level or the library of major universities. If the Chinese version is not the Chinese version, the Chinese translation of the paper should be submitted at the same time.

  3) Duplicate information: All papers submitted for review must be searched for the copy ratio of academic misconduct documents on CNKI, and the "paper duplicate test report" should be submitted together with the submitted papers. The author enters the knowledge net to carry on THE check again, after downloading TO check the report form, directly print can, and this also needs to submit.

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