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31 May 2022
What is the essential difference between an academic degree and a professional degree?

  Students will encounter a problem before preparing to apply for the master's degree, that is, whether to apply for a master's degree or a master's degree. The time difference between the two is not only different in disciplines, but also different in degree certificates when they graduate. Next, let's learn the difference between an academic degree and a professional degree with aischoolar.

  1. Different training objectives

  The outstanding feature of professional degree is the close combination of academic and professional nature, focusing on training practical talents.

  Academic degrees are established according to disciplines, guided by academic research, and focus on cultivating theoretical research talents.

  2. Different educational systems

  Most professional degrees have a two-year educational system. In the early stage, they go to school for classes, and in the later stage, they go to enterprises for internships. The country should vigorously expand the enrollment of professional postgraduates because of their strong practical ability.

  Most academic degrees have a three-year academic system. First of all, they will complete all the courses during their postgraduate period, then do projects and experiments, and finally revise their papers repeatedly to prepare for graduation.

  3. Different test difficulty

  The professional degree examination is relatively easy. It is understood that last year, the number of professional master candidates registered was 680000, and the number of admitted students was about 570000. The admission ratio was close to 50%, while the overall admission ratio of postgraduate entrance examination was about 3:1.

  That is to say, if now there are 100 people taking the postgraduate entrance examination, 33 people have been admitted, of which 60 have applied for academic master's degree, 17 have been admitted, and 40 have applied for professional master's degree, 16 have been admitted. It is clear at a glance which kind of graduate students are in fierce competition.

  4. Different exam subjects

  In fact, in the professional degree and academic degree examinations of most majors, the subjects of political examination and professional course examination are the same. But there is still a big difference between English and mathematics.

  For academic degrees, you will take an english-1 examination subject, while for professional degrees, you may take English-2. The examination forms of English-2 and english-1 are not very same, but there is absolutely no obvious difference in difficulty.

  If you are a student of science and engineering, most professional academic graduate students take math 1 as the test subject, and some science and engineering majors take math 2 as the test subject, of which math 1 is the most difficult and has the largest test range. However, for the academic major taking math 1 as the test subject, if you apply for a professional master's degree, the test subject is likely to become math 2. There is also a possibility that if the candidates are economic and management graduate students, they will take math 3 in most cases, or they may not take math.

  The above contents are the basic contents about academic degrees and professional degrees shared by ascolan academic station today. I believe you have a clear understanding of academic degrees and professional degrees. If you need to know more academic related contents, you can go to our website ascolan for inquiry.