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27 July 2022
Can a second district SCI apply for the National Award?

Now many awards applications need the support of SCI papers. The author's friends successfully published SCI papers, which means that the author's papers have certain academic value, authority and influence. What about the prize? In this issue, I will share relevant knowledge with you.

The second area of SCI can add points for applying for the National Award.

How to publish a zone 2 sci?

1. Thesis writing

Writing an excellent dissertation is by no means a day's work. Not only do you need to think more and think more, but also read more literature, write more, read more, and write more, so that you can master the structure of the thesis. Most of the SCI journals contain papers in English. The author should also improve the level of English. You can also find a reliable SCI English editing agency to improve the quality of the paper.

2. Journal selection

Authors should pay attention to relatively new SCI journals in the second area, and then select journals that can be submitted according to the content of the paper. Authors should also understand the journal's review cycle, acceptance rate, and good manuscripts. The probability of successful publication will be higher if you submit your manuscript in the corresponding journal.

3. Papers published

SCI journals have a submission system, and authors can fill in relevant information according to the prompts of the submission system. The status of subsequent articles can also be viewed on the submission system. In addition, authors can also submit papers through the paper publishing service platform. They will give guidance if they do not understand the process of publishing papers. Relatively speaking, the probability of successful publication is higher.

Publishing SCI papers is the main way to promote professional titles or academic exchanges. Whether domestic or international, the recognition of SCI papers is relatively high, and the difficulty of publishing SCI journals is also different. Authors can combine their actual needs. Choose a suitable second-district journal to submit your manuscript, or consult a professional academic advisor to arrange for you to submit your manuscript to a sci journal.

The divisions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the JCR divisions are divided according to the journal impact factor. The first area is the journal with a higher impact factor, which is the top academic journal in the sci journal, and then the second area. The difficulty of publishing the journals in the second area is second only to the first area. Journals are difficult to publish. Authors should prepare early and make plans in advance. To publish papers in the sci-district journals, we should also pay attention to the quality of the papers, the language level of the papers, and the papers should be polished in their native language.

Articles submitted to journals in the second area of sci must have corresponding academic value, which requires the continuous accumulation and special training of the author, or choose a journal with a lower impact factor in the second area to submit the manuscript, such as an impact factor of three to four points. For publications, you can choose sci journals in the fields of biology, medicine, and pharmacy. You can query several journals each time, so that you can have more options for submission. Of course, you can only submit to one journal in the end. When a journal explicitly rejects the manuscript , which can be resubmitted to other target journals.

Today, the relevant knowledge sharing of Xiaobian is here. If you have any doubts or want to know more relevant content, you can pay more attention to the updated content of our website.