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27 June 2022
How to polish a Mechanics EI paper?

We all know that polished ei papers can be more in line with academic standards, the article layout is reasonable and distinct, and the logic is clear and meticulous. Generally, carefully polished ei papers can improve the probability of inclusion and the value of the article. How to polish a mechanics ei paper better? Let me talk to you in detail below.

Retouching refers to making the content more accurate, enriching the article, and making the writing smoother through retouching. It has nothing to do with whether the journal that publishes the paper is a Chinese core journal or not, but the quality of the article.

1. Revise the abstract of the paper. There may be several problems with a poorly written abstract, that is, you did not use keywords to connect the content you want to express in order, whether it includes the research background or significance, research methods, research process, research results and research conclusions. . The number of words in the abstract should not be too long, pay attention to control, generally between 300-500 characters, so it must be refined in language expression.

2. Language and text modification. Under normal circumstances, the polishing and revision of the paper is mainly the revision of the language and characters. The most basic requirement is to avoid typos. This is the attitude of the author, so the full text needs to be checked repeatedly. The other is whether the language expression is fluent and fluent, and whether there are repeated and redundant nonsense.

3. Modification of research content. After the dissertation is completed, it sometimes needs to be further supplemented, especially when the latest research results appear. When you have some new ideas or ideas after reading more literature, you can further modify or supplement the content.

4. The basic framework of the thesis. For scientific and natural science papers, there are some fixed framework systems, so it is good to follow the basic framework when writing papers. When revising, you need to judge whether the basic framework is reasonable and whether the stuff in it is sufficient.

5. Put it for a period of time and then modify it. After writing, you can put it down first, and then read it again after a while. During this period, you can read more literature, and then go back and look at the content you wrote. There must be some new ideas or ideas. At this time, modify and fill in the content immediately. .

The above is the relevant knowledge sharing of the editor. If you need to know more related content, you can enter our website to search for keywords or contact the editor on the site.