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31 May 2022
Do sci papers have to be polished?

Many people will find that when a sci paper is published today, it will be specified that it must be edited before submission, and even some journals will make the edit of a sci paper as a rigid requirement, but some friends are puzzled: why must a sci paper be edited? Can't I post it directly? Let's take a look at my sharing.


sci papers must be polished


The process of editing sci papers is to avoid problems such as incoherent sentences and incomprehensible words in the papers. A paper is not perfect if it is not polished. No matter how well written a paper is, it is difficult to meet the normal publishing standards without revision. There are many small mistakes in sentences when writing a paper, which are formed in ordinary writing, and it is difficult to correct and write These habits come naturally from time to time.


SCI paper polishing mainly includes two parts, one is language polishing, and the other is content polishing. Every aspect is important. Generally speaking, if the SCI reviewers know that you are an author from abroad, they tend to value your English proficiency very much. At this time, they will give suggestions for language polishing, and you should pay more attention to this time. The premise of reading is to understand. If the paper you submit has problems with even the most basic grammar and structure, I believe that if the reviewer does not read it, the reviewer will doubt your professional ability because of this, so the SCI paper is polished. Really important.


Because English is not a native language, many of the articles have language problems of one kind or another. Many top international journals have also reported the phenomenon of language bias in the process of peer-reviewed papers. Research results that take months or even years, if they are stuck and cannot be published just because of language problems, are not worth it.


So our first step is to polish the language.

1. Native language polishing:

The main purpose is to polish the arguments, arguments, terms and opinions, technical terms, literature and abbreviations of the article, so that the viewpoints are more prominent, the terms are more targeted, the technical terms are expressed more accurately, and the references are more detailed, etc. The native language polishing is to avoid the expression of Chinese English and make the paper more professional.


2. Translation polish:

Journals and magazines attach great importance to the logic, scientificity and rigor of English papers. The translation of international SCI papers should not only focus on quality, but also be familiar with professional knowledge in various fields related to English.


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