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20 June 2022
What major takes an examination of grind do not need to take an examination of mathematics?

  I believe that mathematics has been a problem for many students for so many years. In the face of so many formulas and figures, one head and two big heads, it is not easy to get rid of mathematics, but you can't choose another major to take the math test. So what major doesn't need to take the math test in the postgraduate entrance examination?

  1、 Philosophy major.

  Philosophy majors mainly include Chinese philosophy, foreign philosophy, logic, ethics, religion and other majors, with very low requirements for mathematics.

  2、 Law major.

  The law major is a popular major for postgraduate entrance examination, especially the master of law. There are a large number of candidates for postgraduate entrance examination. On the one hand, the passing rate of the law examination is low, and the employment scope of law majors is narrow. If they fail to pass the law examination, they can only take the postgraduate entrance examination. On the other hand, the master of law does not need to take the mathematics examination.

  3、 Education major.

  Pedagogy majors mainly include applied psychology, pedagogical principles, preschool education, higher education, adult education, special education, educational technology and other majors.

  4、 Language major.

  Language majors have almost no requirements for mathematics. Because of this, for example, English, Chinese language and literature, journalism and various minor language majors have gathered a large number of liberal arts students.

  5、 History major.

  History majors include ancient Chinese history, modern history, world history, archaeology and other majors, which are relatively unpopular.

  6、 Medical specialty.

  The most popular medical majors are clinical medicine and basic medicine. As a popular major for postgraduate entrance examination, medical majors do not need to take mathematics.