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15 July 2022
What is the relationship between CSSCI and core journals?

  Maybe many authors are not familiar with our domestic journals, and will be confused when they want to select and publish journals for their papers. Next, I will analyze CSSCI journals and core journals for you, hoping to help you.

  Core periodicals are the main periodicals of a certain subject. Generally, it refers to professional journals with large amount of professional information and high quality, which can represent the development level of professional disciplines and are valued by readers of this discipline. Relevant experts have found that in the actual distribution of document and information sources, there is a core journal effect, that is, a large number of scientific papers in the world of a certain major are concentrated in a small number of scientific journals.

  The full name of CSSCI is the Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index, and the full English name is "Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index". It is used to retrieve the collection of papers and citations in the field of Chinese Social Sciences. It is a citation database developed by the China social science research and evaluation center of Nanjing University. In other words, CSCI is the core of Nanjing University. The citation index of Chinese Social Sciences selected by Nanjing University is evaluated every two years.

  The two are actually different review bodies. Because the core periodicals are obtained by the Peking University Library, there are many periodicals, which are popular in many colleges and universities. CSSCI is a citation index of Chinese Social Sciences, which has a smaller scope than the core journals of Peking University, so the scope of application will be relatively small, so the audience will be smaller than the core journals.