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24 June 2022
What are the requirements for each part of writing a practice report?

  Social practice report is a report that needs to be completed after carrying out social practice. It refers to a summary report of the completed social practice activities that is purposeful, organized and planned to go deep into reality and society. When writing a practice report, we need to know the contents of each part of the practice report. The following small series will talk about this topic.

  1. Thesis title

  The thesis title should be written in short and clear words, and the content and characteristics of practical activities should be summarized through the title. The number of words should be appropriate, generally not more than 20 words. If there are details that must be included in the heading, use subheadings to avoid verboseness. Put the details in the subheading.

  2. Name of faculty and author

  The name of the school and the name of the author should be given below the title.

  3. Abstract (With English abstract, Chinese first, English last)

  The paper (report) should be equipped with an abstract, which should reflect the main content of the paper, and summarize the basic views, practice methods, achievements and conclusions obtained in practice activities. The number of words in the abstract should be appropriate, the Chinese abstract should be about 200 words, and the English abstract should have at least 100 content words. The abstract includes: a) the word "Abstract"; B) Abstract text; C) Key words;

  4, the body

  The body is the core content of the practice paper (report), which is a detailed description of the practice activities. This part is the main facts and opinions discussed by the author, including the purpose of the practice, relevant background, time, place, personnel, the composition of investigation methods, and a detailed description of the conclusions obtained in the practice. To be able to reflect the ideological line of emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts and advancing with The Times, with new views and new thinking; Adhere to the theory with practice, practical work has a guiding role and reference role, can put forward constructive opinions and suggestions; The content of the report is clear, with prominent points, reasonable structure, clear organization, smooth and concise writing. Generally, the number of words is limited to 5000.

  5. Conclusion

  The conclusion includes the harvest and sentiment obtained by summarizing and synthesizing the whole practice, as well as the problems found in the practice process and the corresponding solutions.

  6, thanks

  Thanks are usually written in short words to the tutor, q&A teacher and other personnel who helped directly in the process of practice and paper writing.

  7. References

  Reference is an indispensable part of the practice paper, which reflects the source of the practice paper (report), the extent of the breadth of the material and the reliability of the material, and is also the author's recognition and respect for others' knowledge achievements.