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14 June 2022
How to write a dissertation title?

Graduation is a happy thing. Before graduation, students also need to complete the graduation thesis. As long as the thesis is well written and the defense is successful, they can graduate successfully. However, many friends have been stuck before writing their graduation thesis. If they want to write a good graduation thesis, the topic is very important. Let’s take a look at the sharing of the editor.

The title of the thesis is the first important information about the scope and level of the thesis given by a thesis, and it must also take into account the specific practicality that can be provided for the retrieval of secondary documents such as the selection of keywords and the compilation of bibliography and indexing. information. The topic of the dissertation is very important and must be chosen carefully.

1. Appropriate extension and connotation "Extension" and "connotation" are concepts in formal logic. The so-called extension refers to each object reflected by a concept; while the so-called connotation refers to the reflection of the unique attributes of each conceptual object. When making propositions, if the proper application of logical extension and connotation is not considered, there may be fallacies, or at least inappropriate ones.

2. Keep it short and concise. Strive to keep the number of words in the title as few as possible, and the words need to be selected carefully. As for the number of words that meet the requirements, there is no uniform "hard" rule. Generally, it is hoped that the title of a paper should not exceed 20 words. However, the proper reflection of the content of the title cannot be affected by blindly pursuing a small number of words. There is indeed a contradiction, and it is better to use a few more words to try to express it clearly. It is recommended not to use a subtitle, and if necessary, a blank line "--take xx as an example" can be used for further explanation.

3. Eye-catching Although the title of the thesis is in the eye-catching position that first catches the reader's eyes, there is still the question of whether the title is eye-catching, because whether the words used in the title and the content it expresses are eye-catching, the effects are far from each other. The title must be attractive, and the size of the reading force depends of course on the content of the article and the interests of readers, and cannot be generalized. However, it is undeniable that the reading power of different titles of the same article is large or small. How a title is enticing depends on the nature of the article. Or attract people with righteousness and seriousness, or attract people with awakening and shocking, or attract people with liveliness and vividness, etc., all are different. But novelty is always very attractive, no matter what kind of article title, striving for novelty is alluring.

4. Accurate and appropriate ① The title should reflect the most important specific content in the article with concise and precise words, conform to the relevant principles of bibliography, indexing and retrieval, and help to select keywords. ②The title should be consistent with the content of the article. ③The style of the title and the content of the article should be consistent. ④ The title should be clear. ⑤ The title should avoid the use of non-known abbreviations, characters, codes, and no structural formula and mathematical formula. ⑥ The title should be smooth and grammatical.

The above is the relevant knowledge sharing of the editor. If you need to know more related content, you can enter our website to search for keywords or contact the editor on the site.