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31 May 2022
What are the criteria for checking the duplication of undergraduate papers?

  Before graduation, every student needs to write a graduation thesis. Nowadays, the thesis has become a common evaluation standard in the society, and the graduation thesis is a kind of thesis to test the professional level of students. So what are the criteria for checking the duplication of undergraduate theses? Next, please take a look with AiScholar.

  What are the criteria for checking the duplication of undergraduate theses? In fact, this standard is the repetition rate. Therefore, the repetition rate is particularly important, which is an important basis for colleges and universities to judge whether papers can enter the defense link. Some universities require that if the repetition rate exceeds this level, the defense time will be delayed, affecting normal graduation. Before we submit our papers to the school, it is an important task to reduce the repetition rate. In this process, it is very important for students to choose the same paper detection system as the school to test papers.

  Due to different schools, the standards for checking the duplication of undergraduate papers may also deviate. But generally speaking, the standard of duplicate checking rate is 20%~30%. After all, at the undergraduate stage, many students' papers may not be of high quality and can only meet the basic requirements of the University. At this time, the university can not check again. It is too difficult for everyone to check the repetition rate. The 30% repetition rate is the requirement of most undergraduate colleges. For example, there are 5000 or 6000 words in the paper, and there is no problem in duplicating the content of oneortwo thousand words, so it is still very easy to reach the standard.

  The system detects 13 consecutive characters, so if the sentence is copied in large length, the redness is very high. Some people will change some words in the sentence or the voice of the whole sentence, which may reduce the standard of repetition, but there are still overlapping calculation standards. Therefore, the best way is to write a new article based on your own ideas.

  Finally, when the undergraduate thesis is tested, the test standard of the system can only give some reference to the tutor, not the final coincidence rate. It is only to detect some similar length with other articles. If it is necessary, it may not be regarded as coincidence according to the actual situation. Therefore, the personal will of the tutor is still very important.

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