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07 July 2022
What matters needing attention does graduation reply have?

  What should we pay attention to when we reply? What are the little things you can do to avoid going wrong? This small edition will take you to understand the matters needing attention of graduation defense, do not miss oh.

  1. Bring your own papers, materials and notebooks.

  2. Pay attention to the etiquette of opening and closing sentences.

  3. Be calm and calm, and speak loudly and accurately so that everyone can hear you.

  4. Listen to the questions of the defense team members with high concentration and write down the questions in a notebook.

  5. Respond quickly to questions within a short period of time, answering each question in a confident and fluent language, in a positive tone, and in no hurry.

  6. To the questions raised, to answer prudently, to certain questions to answer or explain, state the reason; To the question of doubt, do not excuse, but answer it realistically and modestly.

  7. What should you pay attention to when answering the question?

  (1) Correct and accurate.

  Answer the question directly, without changing the topic, and don't answer the question differently.

  (2) Highlights.

  Grasp the theme, main points, grasp the key words, concise and comprehensive.

  (3) Be clear and clear.

  Get straight to the point and don't beat around the bush.

  (4) Answer and argue.

  Have the courage to uphold the truth and correct mistakes. Not only have the courage to expound their unique new views and insights, defend their correct views and refute wrong ones, but also have the courage to admit their shortcomings and correct mistakes.

  (5) Eloquence skills.

  Speak Putonghua, use words accurately, pay attention to logic, speak words clearly, voice loud, cadence, help to explain problems with gestures; Strive to be profound and vivid; He gave a good impression to the teachers and the audience.