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14 July 2022
How should SCI papers be submitted?

  What are the steps for SCI paper submission? After writing a SCI paper, if an author wants to publish it in SCI journals, he must know how to submit papers in SCI journals. In this issue, the editor will introduce the submission steps of SCI papers.

  (1) Select the appropriate SCI journal choose a journal. Combine professional knowledge, annual impact factor table and other people's experience to comprehensively select the journals to be delivered, and enter the journal query system to query the trend of articles in recent years.

  (2) Download introduction for submission. Just go to the front page of each magazine, open the submit paper column, and click introduction to view or download.

  (3) Preparation of manuscripts and related materials -preparation:manuscript doc、Tables. doc、Figures. Tiff, cover letter, sometimes title page, copyright agreement, conflicts of interest, etc.

  (4) Online submission -submit a manuscript: first go to the front page of each magazine, open the submit paper column, first register an account as the corresponding author, then log in as the author login, and follow the prompts in turn: select article type, enter title, add/edit/ remove authors, submit abstract, enter keywords, select classifications, enter comments, request editor, attach files, and finally Download PDF, After checking it, you can go to the submission homepage to approve submission or directly submit it.

  (5) Submission of revised manuscript: it mainly modifies revised manuscript, response to the reviewers, cover letter, and other modified related materials. The program is to enter the main menu of the submission home page, click revise, and still post according to the original program (approximately 4). Remember to modify the revised title, abstract, reply letter and other contents.

  (6) Proofs correct the proof: generally, the editorial department sends three electronic documents first, including query, proofs, p-annotate, and sometimes accompanied by proofs of paper documents, such as a j-pineal research. Send the proofs by e-mail.

  After the author has submitted the manuscript, the review cycle of foreign SCI magazines is generally from January to March. You can wait patiently. If there is no news around February, you can consult the manuscript status through e-mail.