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12 July 2022
Writing skills of mid-term report of graduation thesis

  How should we write the interim report of our graduation thesis? What writing skills do you have? Next, the editor will introduce to you the skills of writing the interim report of the thesis.

  From the perspective of function, the mid-term inspection report of the paper is mainly used to report the progress and work of the paper to the tutor, as long as you summarize what you have done and elaborate on the problems and solutions in the process of writing the paper. You can also add according to the following basic framework:

  1. Explain my preliminary work: for example, the situation of reading and searching literature, the direction of topic selection found through reading literature, and so on;

  2. The progress of the paper: for example, the completed task content, the unfinished task content, the writing of the first draft, etc;

  3. The current problems and solutions of the paper: This is an important part of how to write the mid-term inspection report of the paper, which can include that the knowledge involved in the paper is not deep enough, the data is insufficient, the experimental situation is not optimistic, the connection of various parts of the paper is not good enough, the lack of logic, etc. this part is mainly to ask the tutor for help, further polish and modify the paper, and ensure the quality of the paper.

  4. Later work arrangement: it mainly includes the main research tasks in the next step, the relevant literature that needs to be read in the later stage, the next experiment or practice arrangement, and the assumption of writing the content of the future paper, etc.

  To sum up, it is the content that most papers need to include in the mid-term inspection report, but in reality, the specific content of the mid-term inspection report of papers includes but is not limited to the above content, and it is enough to explain your situation and difficulties in a practical and realistic manner in combination with your actual situation.