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12 July 2022
Can papers published in provincial journals be used to evaluate professional titles?

  Can the papers published in provincial journals be used to evaluate professional titles? What kind of regulations? Next, Xiaobian will take you to understand this problem.

  Provincial journals are official journals that can be evaluated for professional titles, so many people choose provincial journals to publish professional titles, or some authors will choose provincial journals when trying to publish papers for the first time, so there is no need to question the regularity of provincial journals, but if you want to evaluate high-level professional titles, core journals should have topics, and provincial journals have little significance.

  SCI papers published by provincial journals can be used to evaluate professional titles, but the reward is certainly not the reward of national journals and core journals, but it does not mean that the publication of papers by provincial journals is useless. Some authors often question the publication of papers by provincial journals, and the publication of papers must not be inferior. Although provincial journals are relatively basic journals, it does not mean that they are published successfully casually, and there are strict employment standards and publication standards.

  In fact, it is easier for provincial journals to publish papers, but there are also certain restrictions, which also depends on the level of the author's evaluation of professional titles. At the time of evaluation and employment, the provincial periodicals are part of the general periodicals, and the published papers can be rated with intermediate or lower titles. If you want to publish papers and evaluate high professional titles, you must choose higher-level journals.

  It should be noted that no matter what level of periodicals, they must be regular periodicals. Only the professional titles are effectively evaluated, the regular Provincial Periodicals and the General Administration of press and publication must have records, and there must be an international serial number, that is, the ISSN number, and the domestic unified serial number is also the CN serial number.

  The title evaluation unit has conducted multiple examinations on the participants, and publishing papers is only one of them. Evaluating intermediate titles or below and finding suitable provincial journals to publish papers can improve their core competitiveness. The overall publishing difficulty of provincial journals is not high, and the authors do not need too much publishing pressure. The main reason is that the number of provincial journals is huge, and the requirements for articles are not high, so as long as the papers are carefully prepared, they can be published.