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09 June 2022
Are electronic publications official publications in SCI?

When we publish sci papers, there is a long and worthwhile wait from acceptance to publication, but some SCI journals only have electronic journals, is this official journals? Next, we have a look at the escott Blue xiaobian to share the article introduction sci electronic journal, I hope this article can help you.

It depends on the specific situation of the e-journal. Generally speaking, the journals that can be indexed by SCI, whether conventional or electronic, are the top journals in each discipline and have great publishing value. Therefore, the e-journal indexed by SCI usually has high publishing value.

Electronic publication is controversial, because the electronic publication as the name suggests there is in the form of electronic journals, ordered from contributions, editing and publishing, distribution, reading, and even the whole process of reader feedback is carried out in the network environment, and don't need to use paper at any stage, it has essential difference with the traditional printed journals. And journals and electronic journals, in the news agency search entry is not the same.

Sci electronic publication need to focus on the electronic publication is independent publications or is publication of the electronic publication, general if is the publication of electronic journals, can be at ease, published articles in the publication will be published, will also be published in the electronic publication, the electronic publication is the another issue of publishing form, through the Internet access to facilitate readers, domestic publication is similar, Most journals have their own electronic journals, which can be published with confidence.

If it is independent of the electronic publication, this kind of electronic publication whether sci journals or domestic publications, all need further consideration, the author domestic independent electronic publication in many cases is not recognised, the sci electronic publication is this kind of situation is also need the authors focus on the requirements of the relevant documents, general continuous published electronic publication scope and recognition are widely.

Electronic journals that can be retrieved by SCI are usually difficult to publish, while other electronic journals are relatively moderate. If electronic journals are recognized, they are also a good choice for publication.

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