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05 July 2022
Which sci English paper revision is better?

If sci papers want to increase the chances of being included, the necessary revisions and polishes need to be paid attention to by authors. Now there are many sci papers modification and polish companies in China. If we are looking for such services, we must keep our eyes open and find sci papers that suit us. Modify the company. Next, the editor will take you to find out about the search for a sci English paper modification company.

To investigate whether it is reliable or not, it is recommended to consider the following questions:

1. In fact, the quality of the editing service does not depend on where the company is, but whether your editorial team is from European and American native-speaking countries, and whether they have a professional academic background. Even British and American retouching companies do not mean that the editorial language used is absolutely native. And the more cheap foreign companies are, the more we should be wary of whether their editors are professional.

In addition, even if the other party is a native speaker, it is obviously not reliable to ask a biology expert to polish a physics article. If the official website of the editing company does not have relevant subject classification information, cannot provide professional services, and cannot match the authors with editing experts in the same research direction, the editing team of the company is obviously not professional enough.

2. Domestically, payment: Alipay, WeChat, and bank cards are necessary; electronic invoices are generated with one click, so there is no need to worry about the dilemma that invoices cannot be delivered in time if the account is closed. If the project deadline is approaching soon, but there is a large balance of funds, you can choose to make a pre-deposit as a reserve fund for future paper polishing, translation editing, journal recommendation and other services.

3. Whether a company's official website is "high-level", whether the service information is complete, and whether the contact information of customer service is comprehensive (fixed phone, mobile phone, email, online QQ, WeChat, company address, etc.), on the one hand, it shows the maturity of the company, It reflects its degree of intention and serious attitude. On the other hand, the contact information of multiple channels avoids the situation that the customer service cannot be contacted for a long time. And if a company does not give the landline number or the landline number is empty, even the address is hidden, or the address given cannot be found on Baidu Maps, it is obviously very suspicious, and it may be a personal touch. In addition, there should be a special manuscript uploading system on the website, clear and intuitive service items, polishing cases of various disciplines, and real comments from users.

4. The company that encounters the service of writing and publishing essays must not believe it. The "Han Chunyu" incident is a good example. Writing papers on behalf of others violates academic ethics, and such companies or individuals generally have the practice of falsifying papers, which will have a very negative impact on the reputation of individuals and units.

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