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05 July 2022
How to successfully submit sci academic papers?

When we have finished SCI academic papers, we naturally want to submit them immediately, but some friends are not very clear about the submission of SCI academic papers, especially novice authors, they should learn more about the submission process and format requirements of relevant journals. SCI academic papers should How can I successfully contribute? Let me talk to you in detail below.

SCI academic paper submission process

1.Submitted to Journal

The submission process is generally as follows: the homepage of the magazine's official website, open the submit paper, register an account as the corresponding author, then log in as author login, and follow the prompts to complete: Select Article Type, Enter Title, Add/Edit/Remove Authors, Submit Abstract , Enter Keywords, Select Classifications, Enter Comments, Request Editor, Attach Files, and finally download the pdf, make sure it is correct, then go to the submission homepage to approve submission or submit directly.


1) Most journals require submission in Word, but there are also requirements in PDF format. Be sure to read the manuscript contract carefully.

2) Is the document format approved according to the standards of the proposed journal? Because some submission systems can be directly checked.

3) Many systems require authors to tick to agree to documents such as ethics declarations.

4) After submission, there may be a small column prompting a preliminary review of the quality of the submitted images (if the images are unqualified, it is best to re-draw and upload them).

5) Approve submission is required after the vast majority of submissions are completed. Whether the full text of the generated PDF is satisfactory and qualified is also the last chance for the author to check before the submission is completed. (PS: Some novices may ignore this point, and after submitting, they think that their submission is successful, but they do not know that the submission is not successful.)

2. Manuscript received by Editorial Office

The delivery of the article proves that the submission is successful.

3.With editor

If the editor is not required to be selected when submitting the manuscript, go to the editor-in-chief first, and the editor-in-chief will assign it to the deputy editor or other editors. There are two other states:

3.1 Awaiting Editor Assignment

Assign a responsible editor. Note: Editor assigned is to assign your article to an editor for processing.

3.2 Editor Declined Invitation

If the editor takes over, reviewers will be invited.


Under normal circumstances, the status of editing the manuscript (with editor) will appear within one week after the submission status. Many foreign editors can't understand that Chinese people like to rush manuscripts. In most cases, they will not be able to delay for a year or a half like some domestic journals and then give back comments. To properly give editors some time to deal with, they are also very busy. Don't rush the draft lightly, and some people immediately received the news of the cup because of the urging of the draft - I don't know if the editor was impatient, or it was a coincidence. Of course, if the online submission system has not displayed the with editor status information after four weeks of submission, you should ask the editor-in-chief, and pay attention to the use of euphemisms, but there are also journals that do not have the with editor status.

The above is the relevant knowledge sharing of the editor. If you need to know more related content, you can enter our website to search for keywords or contact the editor on the site.