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23 June 2022
Are there any skills for submitting articles to ei source journals?

ei has a high international status, so its influence, gold content, value, etc. are relatively wide. Although the difficulty of ei's submission is not as difficult as that of sci, the difficulty of ei's paper should not be underestimated. If the author wants to submit a paper in the eiyuan journal, do you have any skills? Let me talk to you about it in detail.

EI journal sources are EI indexed journals. These journals have great influence and are generally selected from core journals. Core journals are relatively authoritative journals in China.

EI retrieval is "The Engineering Index" (The Engineering Index, referred to as EI), founded in 1884, is a well-known engineering technology comprehensive retrieval tool published by Engineering Information Inc. EI publishes one issue per month, with 13,000 to 14,000 abstracts; each issue is accompanied by a subject index and an author index; an annual volume and an annual index are also published every year, and the author unit index is also added to the annual index.

1. Manuscript quality

The requirements of ei journals are relatively high, and there are many authors of submitted papers. The number of papers published in journals is limited. Therefore, only by improving the quality of papers can we stand out among many manuscripts. The basic standards of high-quality articles are: correct viewpoints, smooth writing, rigorous logic, reasonable structure, and innovative conclusions.

2. Select journals

① First check the subject catalogue of the source journals retrieved by EI, determine the subject scope of the manuscript, then check the latest impact factor of the journal, and select a journal of the appropriate grade according to your own paper level;

②The sponsor of the publication, contact information, publication form, publication cycle, report content, submission requirements, etc. After determining the journal for submission, adjust the paper according to the requirements of the journal, and only meet the requirements of the journal to improve the hit rate of the manuscript;

③ Authors of submitted papers are more concerned about the review cycle of journals. You can check the journal's official website or forum to see how long it takes for them to submit papers. You can also look at the recently published articles in the journal. Some articles have received and accepted times, so that you can infer the approximate review cycle, and then check whether you want to submit a manuscript based on your own time needs.

3. Recommended authors

Some journals require authors to submit manuscripts to recommend reviewers. Authors can recommend authors who cite references. Two points should be paid attention to: one is not to look for great people, and the other is not to look for people whose research results are contrary to their own.

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