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20 June 2022
How to write an excellent thesis opening report?

The opening report is not only a step after the topic selection, but also a step closely related to the thesis. However, many students are confused when they see the opening report. Where should they start? Next, I will share with you how to write the content of the opening report.

The content of the opening report generally includes: title, basis of argument, research scheme, condition analysis, etc.

1. The title is a high summary of the central idea of the graduation thesis, which requires:

① Accurate and standard. It is necessary to accurately summarize the research problems, reflect the depth and breadth of the research, reflect the nature of the research, and reflect the basic requirements of experimental research - treatment factors, subjects and experimental effects. Using words to make sentences should be scientific and standard.

② Simplicity. Try to express in as few words as possible, generally no more than 20 Chinese characters.

2. The basis of argument shall be considered in the opening report:

① The and significance of the selected topic, that is, to answer why to study, and to explain the value and background of the research.

② The research status at home and abroad, that is, literature review, should be based on literature review. The literature consulted should be related to the research problems, but not too limited. If it is irrelevant to the problem, the flow is infinite; Too limited also violates the principle of interdisciplinary and infiltration, which narrows the vision and suffocates the thinking.

The following shall be considered in the opening report of the research scheme:

① Research process. The time and sequence of the whole research shall be arranged in stages. The start and end time of each stage, the corresponding research content and results shall be clearly defined. There shall be no interruption between stages to ensure the continuity of the research process.

② Key problems to be solved. The most important and fundamental key difficulties and problems that may be encountered should be accurately and scientifically estimated and judged, and feasible solutions and measures should be taken.