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13 October 2023
Journal Recommendation | A rising star in the newly established journals, rapidly growing, with a peer review period of only 2-3 months – an SSCI jour

Journal Description: Economic Change and Restructuring publishes cutting-edge theoretical and empirical research on all aspects of economies and policies in transitioning and emerging economies. It also seeks to conduct high-quality research on sustainability-related topics in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The journal's ISSN: 1573-9414

Database Included: SSCI

Journal Quartile: CAS Quartile: Q3 Category, Subcategory:Economics

JCR Quartile: Q2

Economics (125/380)

Cite Score: 3.40


Impact Factor: Economic Change and Restructuring obtained its first impact factor of 1.5+ in 2019. Despite its relatively short history, the factor has experienced slight fluctuations but is generally on an upward trend, with the latest impact factor at 3.1.

Publication Volume: Economic Change and Restructuring is published quarterly, and its article output has been relatively low, averaging just under a hundred. However, there is a rising trend, with the latest publication volume at 95 articles (self-citation rate: 6.5%).

Publication ranking by countries: the top three countries in terms of the number of articles published in Economic Change and Restructuring: China (57), Nigeria (29), United States (19).

Recent Acceptance: Economic Change and Restructuring has an average peer review period of around 5-6 months. Randomly selected recently included articles have shown longer review times, but once accepted, they are published within 1 month. Below are the recently accepted and published articles on the official website. Consulting with the editors about article submissions can significantly expedite the review process. It can be completed within 2-3 months of the review process!