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24 July 2023
Journal recommendation | Regular issue soliciting submissions, to be published within half a month in average, IF2.8 rising steadily, high acceptance

Journal Description:

Archives of Microbiology accepts research articles in the field of microbiology, covering studies in biochemistry, molecular genetics, physiology and physical research, interactions between microbial cells and their environment (including their eukaryotic hosts) . 

The journal's ISSN: 0302-8933

Database Included: SCIE

Journal profile:

Journal Quartile:

CAS Quartile: Q4

Major category: BiologySubcategory: Microbiology

JCR Quartile: Q3


Cite Score: 3.30

JCI: 0.5

Impact Factor:

Archives Of Microbiology, founded in 1930, obtained its first impact factor of 2.4+ in 1997, which has seen a lot of fluctuations. The latest impact factor is 2.8, and the trend of increase has been optimistic in recent years. 

Publication Volume:

Archives Of Microbiology has a large number of publications as a monthly journal, and the growth rate has increased since 2020, from 401 to the latest annual publication volume of 716. The self-citation rate has decreased from 5.8% to 3.6%, although it is still far below the warning line. Although the number of publications continues to increase, the quality is maintained. 

Recent acceptance:

The average review time for recent submissions to the Archives of Microbiology is 2-3 months, and the average publication time is within 1 month. The first decision after submission only takes 3 days, indicating that the journal is still efficient in its manuscript submissions!