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24 April 2023
Journal recommendation | JCR Q2, IF 4+, interdisciplinary, fast review and publication!

Journal Description: Frontiers in Materials is an interdisciplinary open-access journal that publishes peer-reviewed researches in various fields of materials science and engineering. The journal is currently positioned to disseminate scientific knowledge and influential cutting-edge discoveries to the academic community, industry, and the world at large.


The journal's ISSN: 2296-8016


Database Included: SCIE


Journal Quartile:


CAS Quartile:


Category: Materials Science Q3


Subcategory: Materials Science Multidisciplinary Q4


JCR Quartile: Q2


Materials Science, Multidisciplinary (159/345)


Impact Factor: Frontiers in Materials was founded in 2014 and achieved its first IF2+ in 2017. It has maintained steady development over the years, with its impact factor slightly increasing. The latest impact factor is 4+, and the journal ranks 159th among 345 journals in the same field.


Annual publication volume: Frontiers in Materials is an annual journal, and since its inception, the volume of submissions has continued to expand. From fewer than 100 submissions in the beginning, the journal has been increasing by 100 submissions per year, indicating that the journal is expanding. The latest number of articles published is 562 (with a self-citation rate of 3%), and the average proportion of reviews published does not exceed 20%.


Publication ranking by countries: In the past three years, the top three countries in terms of the number of articles published in Frontiers in Materials are China (727), the United States (180), and Italy (98). The proportion of articles published by Chinese scholars is outstanding, indicating that the journal is quite friendly towards Chinese scholars.


Frontiers in Materials mainly receives research papers and reviews. The following shows the relevant submission-to-publication time of recently indexed articles. The average review time of papers is about 1-2 months, and then will be published within 1 month. Overall, the speed is relatively fast. Submitters may refer to the relevant information and arrange the schedule accordingly.