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21 July 2022
How to read the citations in the paper?

  I don't know if you've noticed how we're going to read the literature that we're going to use to write this paper? For both researchers and students, reading the literature before publication is the first step to gaining background in the relevant field and keeping up with the latest topics. Therefore, when researchers enter professional fields or take over new topics, they need to quickly and clearly understand the development history and current progress of the field in order to better formulate research plans. So how do we read the literature? There are two ways to read the literature. Let's go with Esko blue Xiaobian to understand it.

  1. The first round of screening reading

  2. Second round of focus reading

  In order to write a good paper, we often need to read a lot of literature. Due to the different styles and levels of many authors, papers are often difficult to understand and we need to clarify our ideas. Therefore, multiple rounds of reading are the norm.

  The order of reading papers is generally from coarse to fine, from careless to important, and finally to detailed.

  We make clear the direction of paper writing, and then look for the relevant direction of paper literature on the Internet to choose the one that suits us. Read together to a certain level of understanding, rather than reading through at the beginning, and don't try to read all of each paper. Not understanding the paper is normal. If you don't understand a paper, you can change it. Reading more articles and reviewing them tends to increase productivity, because reading other papers often helps us understand papers we didn't understand before.

  We can carry out the next level of cognition according to the knowledge points obtained from each reading, and then carry out the new paper literature search, and then carry out the next level of reading.

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