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01 June 2022
Why should the dissertation be revised after defense?

Graduates can't relax after completing the thesis, and then they will have to defend the thesis. Some students have finally completed the defense of the thesis, but were told by the teacher to continue to revise. What is going on? The thesis defense has already been completed, why do you need to revise it? Let's take a look at my sharing.

Passing the dissertation defense means that your content or dissertation direction has generally reached the standard of undergraduate or master's and doctoral dissertation, but experts will definitely propose some revisions according to the content of the dissertation. For example, where the content is not very comprehensive, where the data is not complete or not very accurate, these must be revised. After the revision, the teacher will review it again, and the paper can be submitted to the library only after the review.

However, the defense process is different for undergraduates and masters, because after the masters and doctoral defenses are passed, they have to go to the meeting, and the thesis will be revised 1-3 times, so the masters and doctoral defenses are more complicated, more cumbersome, and more difficult than undergraduates. However, both undergraduate and master's and doctoral dissertations must be revised to meet the respective dissertation standards before they can pass the final review and be submitted to the university's library. If you do not revise the content of the thesis, you are likely to delay graduation, so be cautious and carefully revise the content of the thesis according to the revision opinions put forward by experts.


Prepare to answer questions

The defense questions are generally 2-3, including theoretical and practical aspects.

1. Common general problems are:

Why do you study... (thesis research object)?

Why Use a SWOT Analysis Method (or Other Analysis Method)?

Which of the existing problems needs to be solved more urgently?

2. Others will ask corresponding questions according to the professional background of the teacher of the defense group, especially if the teacher has taken your professional course and your thesis has related content, then you must Be fairly familiar with this part and be sure there are no problems with this part of the paper.



When the teacher gives you suggestions for revision, as long as it is not a matter of principle, it is fine to record it carefully, and there is no need to argue with the teacher. If it is a matter of principle, such as inappropriate questions, improper use of analytical methods, etc., you can simply state your reasons in 1-2 sentences. If you are not confident that you can convince the defense teacher in 2 sentences, just accept it humbly. . During the defense, the opinions of the teachers of the defense team should be fully and completely respected.


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