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13 July 2022
What should I pay attention to in writing the outline of my graduation thesis?

  How to write the outline of graduation thesis? Is there anything in the outline that needs attention? In this issue, the editor will take you to know the precautions for writing the outline of your graduation thesis.

  (1) We should have an overall view and check the position and role of each part in the paper from the whole. See whether the proportion allocation of each part is appropriate, whether the length of space is appropriate, and whether each part can serve the central argument. For example, there is a paper on the dialectical unity of deepening reform and stability of enterprises. The author takes Zhejiang as an example ×× Taking an enterprise in Shanghai as an example, it is said that as long as cadres set an example in the reform and share weal and woe with employees, they can gain the understanding of most employees. From the perspective of the overall concept, we can find that here we only talk about how the enterprise can be stable through reform, without discussing that through deepening reform and transforming the enterprise management mechanism, the economic benefits of the enterprise have been improved, the income of employees has increased, and finally social stability has been achieved.

  (2) Starting from the central argument, decide the choice of materials, and discard materials that have nothing to do with the subject or have little to do with it without regret, although these materials are collected with great effort. Gain is what you lose. A piece of wool is precious every inch. If you don't want to cut it, you can't sew clothes that fit you. For ready-made clothes, unnecessary parts must be cut. Therefore, we must always keep in mind that materials only serve to form the arguments of our own papers. Without this, no matter how good the materials are, they must be discarded.

  (3) Consider the logical relationship between the parts. The common fault of beginners who write papers is that there is no inevitable connection between arguments and arguments. Some are limited to repeatedly expounding arguments and lack practical and powerful arguments; Some materials are a lot, and the arguments are not clear; Some parts do not form an organic logical relationship, such papers are not in line with the requirements, such papers are not convincing. In order to be persuasive, we must have facts and facts, arguments and examples, combine theory with practice, and have strict logic in the demonstration process. When drafting an outline, we should pay special attention to this point and check it.

  (4) The basic structure of the thesis consists of three parts: preface, text and conclusion. The preface and conclusion should be relatively brief in the middle of the outline. This theory is the focus of the full text, which is the part that should be written deeply and thoroughly, so it should also be listed in more detail in the outline. There should be at least two levels of standards in this part of the thesis, which should be deepened and reasoned layer by layer, so as to reflect the organic combination of the general argument and the sub argument, and explain the argument deeply and thoroughly.