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19 July 2022
What are the parts of the costume design thesis?

  Students majoring in costume design usually need to prepare for a long time when writing a costume design thesis. Unlike some papers, a costume design thesis needs a part designed by themselves. Next, let's take a look at the following introduction to the costume design paper with Xiaobian.

  The thesis of fashion design major is actually composed of two parts.

  The first part is the text part, and the second part is the ready-made clothes you designed. The score of your graduation thesis is mainly based on the quality of your two parts.

  First, let's talk about the text part. This part is composed of five parts: 1, mission statement 2, commitment statement 3, thesis Volume 4, design Volume 5, and process photos. Each school may have different requirements, some of which are called the opening report or something.

  3. The volume of papers, that is, the papers we call, generally requires about 10000 words, and each school will have different requirements, according to its own school requirements. It is mainly divided into ① cover ② catalogue ③ Abstract ④ introduction ⑤ body ⑥ reference ⑦ appendix.

  The format of the paper is strict, and we must write it in the format required by the teacher. If our classmates do not meet the requirements, they will be returned for rewriting. Finally, the paper should be printed and bound. Generally, several copies should be kept for defense.

  4. Design volume. The design volume is generally divided into six parts,

  ① The cover should indicate your thesis title, name, school, Department, major, instructor, etc.

  ② Market research should indicate the current marketing status of the materialized clothing of the design concept you demonstrated in the current market. For example, if you write about the application of lace in your paper, which brands use lace in the current market, who the customer group is, the characteristics of the customer group, the price range, future development, etc. The main thing is to let designers have a sense of the market and not be divorced from the market.

  ③ Source of inspiration. I won't say much about this. Pictures can show the source of inspiration. Pay attention to the creativity and implication of picture display. Don't be too straightforward.

  ④ Clothing renderings. Generally, there are 3 to 5 sets of a series, with full display on the front and back. There is no limit to computer hand drawing. It is suggested that the computer is the best. Even if the hand drawing is very good, it is difficult to deal with if the middle is dirty. After all, the design takes several months. Even if the computer drawing is dirty, it will be good again, and it is also easy to modify.

  The page of clothing effect drawing needs to write the text description, and finally paste the 4x4 sample of cloth, so it is necessary to leave a space.

  ⑤ Clothing structure drawing x style drawing

  ⑥ Ready to wear front and back photos