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19 July 2022
What should I pay attention to when writing a hotel thesis?

  I believe everyone has found that with the development of social economy, there are more and more places you can go. At this time, the hotel industry has gradually developed. The development of an industry must bring the emergence of related majors, and so does the hotel profession. Next, let's take a look at the shared content with Xiaobian.

  1、 The choice of thesis topic in hotel direction.

  The graduation thesis on hotels should be selected according to the results of careful observation and careful thinking in their usual practical work. It should have a little new ideas and highlights, and reflect the thinking of their majors.

  For example, topics and further research can be carried out from the aspects of the marketing strategy of a hotel, the current situation and Countermeasures of employee turnover of a hotel, the core competitiveness of a hotel in a region, and the information management of a hotel.

  2、 Precautions for the opening report of the thesis.

  The opening report of the paper should explain the reason and significance of the topic, sort out the framework and write a clear outline of the paper. A good opening report can further clarify the research ideas of the paper and is an important step to demonstrate the research topic again.

  Before writing the opening report of hotel major, we should investigate and explore according to the research direction of the subject and the current situation, so as to accumulate rich materials for the opening report.

  3、 Graduation thesis structure.

  The paper is generally divided into introduction, theoretical basis (or literature review), research hypothesis, demonstration process, research conclusion, research deficiencies and prospects. Although there are slight differences in different majors, some important parts are necessary for papers in each major. The thesis of hotel major should spend more effort in the demonstration process and research conclusion.

  In short, the graduation thesis should be truly completed by yourself, write your own understanding and perception of the major, indicate the source of reference to other people's content, and standardize the quotation of references.