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19 July 2022
What are the writing steps of fashion design thesis?

  Many students often don't know how to start when writing their graduation thesis. To write a graduation thesis, we must first know the writing steps of the type of thesis we need to write. It is much easier to master the steps. The following editor lists the writing steps of the clothing design paper for your reference.

  The topic selection is to determine the direction of the paper. The topic selection should be as detailed as possible, not vague. For example, "the application of Jiaoling in modern women's wear" is better than "the application of ancient Chinese clothing elements in modern women's wear", because such a topic is more targeted, easier to go deep, explain the problem thoroughly, and highly innovative, not easy to repeat.

  It is suggested that you first think about your favorite style, designer and brand when choosing a topic. Find a direction and dig deep. For example, if you like McQueen, you can see all the designs he can find, and you will find the points you are interested in, such as silhouette, such as color... If you like neutral style from style, find neutral style design and dig the points you are interested in.

  I began to collect data when I determined a good direction. Some students asked me what website to collect. It was actually very! The simplest Baidu is OK! Now many official account can also be fully utilized. Data collection includes pictures and words. In the process of collecting data, image data is more important, because we ultimately want to speak with design works.

  You will have a clearer understanding of your design in the process of collecting data. At this moment, you will start to draw the design draft. The completed design draft should be deliberated over and over with the tutor, and the final draft should be determined after several modifications. Don't be afraid of trouble. You will gain a lot from the deliberation with your tutor. The teacher will make your design more operable. And will enhance the artistic level of the work. The tutor will ask you what fabric you plan to use and what manufacturing process you plan to use. It doesn't matter to speak out your ideas boldly, even if they are not reliable, because your ideas are very important. Even if they are not reliable, they often collide with new and more reliable ideas in the communication with your tutor

  After the work is completed, the thesis will also be completed. Write your feelings and gains in the whole design process into the paper.