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15 July 2022
Steps and procedures of publishing Economic Papers

  How to publish an economics paper smoothly? What should we do to publish economic papers? The following editor will share with you the steps of publishing economic papers, hoping to help you.

  The first step is to determine your needs for publishing papers.

  The second step is to select appropriate journals and verify the authenticity of journal papers. At present, all domestic academic journals can be queried and verified through the journal query center of the State Administration of press and publication. If the CN serial number is not found, it means that the journal is a fake journal

  The third step is to understand the needs of journals for contributions, read their published papers, see whether their papers are suitable for publication in these journals, select 2-3 journals as alternatives, and further understand the review cycle, submission costs, submission requirements, etc. of these journals

  The fourth step is to wait for the sample journals and papers to go online, which can be checked through the four authoritative databases in China, such as HowNet, Wanfang, VIP and Longyuan.

  If you feel that you have trouble finding periodicals, you can also provide services through agents / magazine offices. The following is the process:

  1. The paper is written and sent to the agent or magazine. (the quality of the article should be guaranteed)

  2. Determine the published journals and fees according to the number of words of the paper and the author's publishing intention.

  3. Pay the deposit.

  4. The magazine will review the manuscript, and mail you the manuscript employment notice after passing the review.

  5. Please pay the balance within three days after you receive the draft notice to ensure that your paper can be published in time.

  6. After the publication of the magazine, the magazine society will mail two sample magazines to each author for your use.