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15 July 2022
What should we pay attention to when publishing SCI papers?

  Nowadays, the social academic atmosphere is becoming stronger and stronger, and scholars' achievements have also been written into papers. If they want to be published in some core journals or SCI journals, what should we pay attention to when publishing SCI papers? In this issue, I'll show you something.

  ① In the process of publishing papers, we must identify the authenticity of journals. At present, there are many illegal journals in the market, which are simply impossible to prevent. Therefore, we must go to a professional institution for inspection and check the journal number.

  ② The more references, the better. References are mostly a double-edged sword, which can be understood as the relevant research is hot, but at the same time, does it also mean that the research in this area is enough - and your article is not much more, not much less?

  ③ Pay attention to choosing professional institutions when publishing papers. Don't be deceived by some illegal institutions. Many people now want to save time and make their articles faster, so they will choose third-party agencies. But the most important thing in the selection process is to identify the professionalism of agencies.

  ④ The length of the article is not the longer the better. Everyone knows this sentence, but many students forget it when tutoring, or later they are lazy to do streamlined work. Students have just started to write articles, but there are not many that can be completed at one go. The front line of article counseling is very long. When they coach again, they have forgotten what they wrote before, so there is a lot of repetitive and redundant nonsense.