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14 July 2023
Journal Recommendation | JCRQ2, established for many years with high professional recognition, and has a wide range of topics for submission! Call for Papers!

Journal Description: Geocarto International is a professional academic journal of geoscience, aiming to promote multidisciplinary research and applications of remote sensing and geographic information systems in earth science and environmental science, as well as to strengthen international information exchange on new developments and applications of remote sensing and geographic information systems and related disciplines. The journal's ISSN: 1010-6049Database Included: SCIE

Journal profile

Journal Quartile:

CAS Quartile: Q4

Category: Earth Sciences

Subcategories: Environmental Science, Earth Science Multidisciplinary, Imaging Science and Photographic Technology, Remote Sensing. 

JCR Quartile: Q2

Environmental Science (119/274)

Earth Sciences, Multidisciplinary (60/201)

Imaging Science and Photographic Technology (12/28)

Remote Sensing (19/33)

Impact Factor: Geocarto International, founded in 1986, obtained its first Impact Factor of 0.6+ in 2012 and the latest Impact Factor is 3.8. Although the Impact Factor has fluctuated significantly in recent years, after many years of development, the journal has a great academic influence and a high degree of professional recognition in the field of specific disciplines of industries. 

Publication Volume: The publication cycle of Geocarto International is irregular and the number of publications is moderate. The journal is in the expansion stage, and it can be seen that the growth rate of the number of publications is relatively fast. The latest annual publication volume is 419 (self-citation rate 13.2%), and with the increase of the number of publications, the self-citation rate has decreased. 

Recent acceptance 

The average acceptance-to-publication time for Geocarto International is 2-3 months, and the average publication time is within 1 month. According to the submission experience of netizens, the journal's processing speed is generally efficient!