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18 May 2023
Journal Recommendation | Founded Three Years Ago, IF3.3+, JCRQ2, Review and Publication within One Month!

Journal Description:

Separations provides an advanced forum for separation and purification science and technology in all areas of chemical, biological and physical science. It publishes reviews, regular research papers and communications. 

Journal Quartile:

Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS):

Major Category: Engineering Technology Q4

Subcategory: Engineering and Chemical Q3

JCR Quartile: Q2 Chemical Analysis (37/87)

Impact Factor:

Separations was officially included in SCIE database in 2019 and obtained its first impact factor 1.9, then kept a slight upward trend, and the latest impact factor in 2021 is 3.3+. 

Publication Volume:

Separation, a monthly journal, has seen its article volume grow in sync with its impact factor since its launch. The overall article volume is not large, and reached more than 100 for the first time in 2021, with the latest article volume at 242 (self-citation rate 8.1%), and the growth rate has increased compared to previous years. 

Publication ranking by countries:

The top three countries in terms of the number of papers published in the past three years on Separation are China (46 papers), Italy (43 papers) and the United States (41 papers), with a relatively small gap in the total number of papers published by each country. 

Recent acceptance:

According to the journal's official website, submission to a first decision takes about 11.6 days, and the acceptance time is about 3.8 days, which is quite fast. It can also be observed from the recently accepted articles that the journal's overall review efficiency is very high.