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04 April 2023
Journal recommendation | 61% acceptance rate, review to be completed within one month and paper to be published after one day! Energies is calling for multi-topic paper submission.

Energies is an open-access journal for scientific research, technological development, studies in policy and management. This journal publishes reviews, regular research papers and communication. The purpose of the journal is to encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical results as fully as possible, with no limit on the length of the paper, but full experimental details must be provided.




CAS Quartile: Q4


Category - Engineering and Technology


Subcategory: Energy and Fuel


JCR Quartile: Q3 Energy and Fuel (80/119)


Impact Factor: Energies is a quarterly journal, founded in 2008, and its impact factor has been rising slightly in recent years, with a slow but steady growth rate. The latest impact factor in 2021 is 2.4+.


Annual publication volume: The annual publication volume of Energies has been rapidly increasing in recent years, with a clear trend of expanding. 8369 articles were published in 2021.


Recent acceptance: According to the review and publication cycle of the journal's official website, submission to a first decision takes about 15.5 days, and acceptance to publication is undertaken in about 3.6 days, which is relatively fast. Its acceptance rate of 2021 is 61%, and the successful submission rate is still very high.